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This is my way to become healthier and a little bit thinner. Have fun reading
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This week:
Dinner cancelling an skating! Friends

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157.6 lbs

Today: Trying to eat just one time

Eaten until now: Nothing

Okay, yesterday I ate as much as I never
thought I could an so I want to eat as less
as I can today. My first target is (as you can see
in my navigation) 155 lbs an in my point of view
it´s a reachable target. Oh, did I mention that I
am weighting myself in lbs since yesterday?
I don´t like kilos anymore *lol*
Today my boyfried an me want to go out skating (okay,
I want to go out skating and he has no choice
whether he wants or not ).
Its sunny, not tooooo warm and a bit windy, nearly perfect
Okay, that it I think.
See ya later


24.6.08 15:47

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